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ProductiveTM  is an all-in-one business growth strategy

Quarterly, monthly and daily systems show you how to schedule everyday actions that are aligned with your business goals, so you’re strategic about how you spend your time and energy.

About Shelagh Cummins

Shelagh Cummins is a Business Consultant, Trainer and Keynote Speaker who helps women entrepreneurs scale a profitable business — without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep. Through fluff-free business strategy and hands-on support, she helps you lose the excuses, so you can find the breakthroughs, cash flow, and joy in your business.

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Shift from being busy 
to being Productive™.

ProductiveTM is an all-in-one business growth strategy that uses a revolutionary system called #PowerMoves to help you do the work that actually gets you where you want to go in the time that you have available.

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As entrepreneurs, we often wear overwork and stress as a badge of honor. We get caught in reaction mode, never catching our breath or finding the time to make our business match our vision.

That’s why I have created ProductiveTM – a system designed to get you where you want to be in your business and your life.

The reality is…your business is running you!

You are...in a constant state of reaction

working in a consistent cycle of urgency

working around the clock 24/7

not having any fun constantly putting out fires

on the edge of burnout and stressed 

losing yourself in your business and...

...not seeing growth or shift to reach your vision for your business.

Goal reviews and reflections help you evaluate what’s working and what isn’t working, so you know what you need to prioritize to stay on track with the growth you want to see.

You can better manage your cash flow with profit and expense tracking while shifting your mindset  to gratitude and a growth, two key ingredients of highly successful entrepreneurs. 

Enrollment in Maximum Productive – a step by step training program to help you get the most out of the Productive system – and support you to implement this system in your business

Reclaim your time and achieve your business goals.

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